Top Websites to Learn SQL for Free

Almost all data on the Internet is stored in databases. SQL requests are used to create new databases and operate data in the existing ones. If you're interested in this and want to become a software engineer with great SQL skills, you need to start your education as soon as possible.
Explore the selection of the best websites to learn SQL below and start your path in software development.


Do you want to make your first steps into web developments but don't know where to start. Reach the W3School and navigate to the SQL category by hitting the corresponding button in the main menu.
It is a leading-edge portal for software developers that provide step-by-step tutorials to junior and senior software engineers. In this website, you can learn the fundamentals of SQL. Feel free to bookmark it for a case you forget anything.


Check out comprehensive video-courses about SQL on Udemy, a leading platform in online education. There are more than 350 free SQL video-lessons on this website. Therefore, you can find a course that fits your needs and skills with ease.
The longest free video SQL course on Udemy implies 182 lectures and last for 31 hours. Therefore, you will need to allocate plenty of time to watch all the lessons.
In case you're an undergraduate who is short in time, ask your mates, "Who can do my homework for me?" to free your schedule. If anyone of your friends cannot help you, feel free to order assignments at an online essay writing platform.

Khan Academy

It is a world-known website that provides educational materials for free. This platform is non-profit and grows thanks to donations from its users. Nearly 60 million students visit this website every month.
It a great website to make your first steps into software development for free. There are dozens of free SQL tutorials, videos, and exercises on this platform.


This education platform offers a free SQL course that lasts for seven hours. Enrolling in this course, you'll discover how to create databases, connect them, and manage data by using SQL requests.
There are no prerequisites to take this course. Well, more than 1.2 million people enrolled in this video-course on Codeacademy.


This platform became so popular because of implementing the gamification process into education. These guys achieved great results, getting almost 2 million visitors a month.
The SQL Fundamentals course on SoloLearn is a free tutorial. The educational process is quite interesting. You need to explore a small amount of information on a flashcard and answer a question correctly to open a new flashcard.

MySQL Tutorial

It is a great resource that collects information about SQL for everyone interested in software development. This site can help you start as a beginner and provide advanced information about SQL as well. Also, there is a tool to practice coding and check your results online.

Should I Learn SQL?

For starters, you need to remember that it is hard to learn SQL for most people. It requires two to three years to learn the fundamentals. Moreover, you will need to improve your knowledge constantly.
However, if you decide to learn this programing language, you will be able to find a high-paying job with ease. SQL skills are always in-demand in the market.