Digital Tools for Distance Learning

Distance learning has caught us all by surprise. It was hard to imagine something like that just a year ago. Though, it is the new reality we have to deal with. It is important to make personal adjustments to distance learning as it is going to stay with us for a while. Fortunately, the technological age we are living in makes it much easier. The tech world offers numerous tools and resources to turn distance learning into an easy task. Here is a list of essential digital tools for distance learning that we would love for you to have.


The word where PowerPoint was the dominant tool for presentations is declining. Now, it is Prezi time. We know that during distance learning, you have to do much more presentations that you are used to. It is no fun to have a presentation via Zoom, we know. Though, look at the bright side! Prezi can make your work on presentations into a much more interesting job. Prezi has a number of unique qualities that can make presentations look like true art. It adds a lot of space, volume, and actions. It also gives you many opportunities to express your creativity. Of course, if you are still wondering if myassignmenthelp can include a presentation work, the answer is yes. You can always ask professionals to nail that Prezi presentation.


We bet the number of digital resources you have to use now has grown drastically due to distance education. In fact, by now, you may already feel overwhelmed by all those files, e-books, paperhelp review notes, essays, and digital notes from your professors. There is an ocean of them and you feel like drowning in it. You know that you need to organize all these materials though it takes so much time and energy. Fortunately, when you get yourself a Dropbox, you will get that help. Dropbox is a great tool for storing and organizing your files. You can create numerous folders, share files with others, or work on group works by creating mutual access to a certain material of folders.


In the era of digital education, time-management and self-organization can turn into a real struggle. We all got used to our classrooms and school timetables. It is rather difficult to adjust a schedule to the new realities. It is even harder to calculate how much time you need for all the tasks, chores, and homework that you have to do. Toggle can help you with that. It is a perfect time-tracker to show you where you spend your hours. It is rather minimalistic in its functions and its interface. Its simple design won’t let you get distracted by anything else. Overall, it filters your daily activities, showing where you spend your time and energy. With this app, you can create online class king reviews, just judging by your Toggl results alone.


Evernote can serve as a great academic tool for so many purposes. This app only looks like a simple digital notebook. In reality, it can do so much more. It offers numerous templates for your writing, working, or self-organization purposes. Hence, you can use Evernote to stay organized and create your schedule, school timetable, or lists of all the exam dates and deadlines. Let’s be real here. Staying organized during times like this is incredibly hard. Evernote can help.
Secondly, you can use Evernote for group work. You can share notes and books with others. You can create numerous projects by using this app as your primary workspace. It also has great features such as notification and reminders, as well as labeling and categorization of your notes for easier search.